Colours, as seen by the human eye of the normal type, can all be reduced to a few classes, and expressed by a few well-known names... Every colour, except purple, is similar to some colour of the spectrum, although less intense; and all purples may be compounded of blue and red, and diluted with white to any required tint. Brown colours, which at first sight seem different, are merely red, orange or yellow of feeble intensity, more or less diluted with white.
— James Clerk Maxwell. 1860. "On the theory of compound colours, and the relations of the colours of the spectrum", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 150 (part I)

ABOUT APCOR The Portuguese Association of Colour – APCor, member of the International Association of Colour (AIC) was founded on April 7, 2005 by a group of researchers involved in the "Master in Colour in Architecture", created by the Technical University of Lisbon and taught at the Faculty of Architecture in 2003...


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Inversely to the chromatic variability of the world, extensive researches in the field of colour and linguistics indicate that we commonly use only eleven to fifteen words to define the chromas that we best distinguish, and this number, in more complex languages. However, with each perceived colour, a whole spectrum of words emerges to describe, narrate, express what is, according to Merleau-Ponty “colour, the echo of the body after seeing things” (in L'Oeil et L' Esprit, 1964). (Editorial | Veronica Conte)