Music is equipped with a system by which it defines each sound in terms of its pitch, intensity, and duration, without allusions to the endless varying sounds of nature. So should color be supplied with an appropriate system...Every color sensation unites three distinct qualities, defined as HUE, VALUE, and CHROMA. One quality may be varied without disturbing the other.
— Albert Henry Munsell. 1905. A color notation

ABOUT APCOR The Portuguese Association of Colour – APCor, member of the International Association of Colour (AIC) was founded on April 7, 2005 by a group of researchers involved in the "Master in Colour in Architecture", created by the Technical University of Lisbon and taught at the Faculty of Architecture in 2003...


Cor: Espaço Urbano, Arquitectura e Design

Colour: Urban Space, Architecture, and Design is a bilingual publication on colour - in two separate volumes- with an international scientific committee of researchers, which aims to disseminate the research undertaken in the multidisciplinary area of colour. This book celebrates the existing collaboration between APCor - Portuguese Colour Association and the Lisboa School of Architecture. Universidade de Lisboa's colour research structures: Colour Lab and Colour and Light Research Group.