Colour at your feet - ICD 2022

Guided Tour, Walk and Pic-Nic

Celebrating the International Colour Day, Portuguese Colour Association in collaboration with the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisbon

This year APCor proposes to celebrate the International Colour Day with a guided tour to the collection of soil monoliths of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon, by Professor Nuno Cortez. It will be a privileged moment to see and understand, along with an expert, the colour of the ground we walk on, its composition and origin, in all its depth. This collection, which has not yet been turned into a museum exhibition, is a treasure with 133 monoliths from Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Porto Santo and Madeira. Besides the monoliths we will also be able to see some of the soil samples among the 25000 African and 8000 Portuguese soils samples. Don't miss the opportunity, don't be late, because once the visit has started there will be no possibility of entering halfway. Visit limited to 30 people, admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. At the entrance you must indicate that you are coming for the guided tour / celebration of the International Colour Day.

After the visit we propose a Sightseeing Walk and Pic-Nic through the Tapada Gardens, at Instituto Superior de Agronomia. It will be a time for celebration in contact with Nature, something so desired after the last two years of pandemic confinement! We hope you will enjoy the celebration!

Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa (meeting at the staircase at the main door of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia's headquarters)


26 – 03 – 22


10:30 - Guided tour to the Soil Monoliths by Professor Nuno Cortez. 
12:30 - Sightseeing Walk and Pic-Nic through the Tapada Gardens. Bring your snack, we will make our celebration toast.


Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa


Portuguese Colour Association