Chromatic Instant #09 — Helena Soares

NO MATTER, Helena Soares

The Portuguese Colour Association (APCor) and ArchiNews invite the readers to temporarily shift the attention away from the reading to immerse their eyes in colour, through a series of records – Chromatic Instants – made by collaborators and associates.

In the author’s words “No Matter is a photograph that integrates a set of experiences where materiality is questioned. In the exercise, the components of the immaterial can be found in light, in the colours that result from speed and movement, causing the shapes to explode and diluting the materials and their textures. In this way, when placing the optical values in the foreground, diluting the contours of objects and the importance of tactile values, the objective world loses meaning and serves a dimension of the invisible that is perceived in the transparency of light.” (Helena Soares)

Link: http://www.archinews.pt/Magazines

ArchiNews - Aires Mateus


APCor - Chromatic Instant Series
Chromatic Instant #9: No Matter, Helena Soares

Editor Verónica Conte

Design Inês Coimbra

Revision Joana Perry